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dirty ends.

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You watch the clock, the typical tick scratches the sides of the brain.

This thing. This thing called time.

A picture frame, the artists you seek to blame.

Dark martini, no fucking lime.

It is not the loves that you proclaim, but the true creations of disdain.

A telephone ring, a partner in crime, the key to the line.

Assign, Refine, Confine.

This thing. This thing.

What a linguistic string.

confetti excursions – 101.

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Inspiration is key, hard work is like the smell of a spring afternoon, and well worth is found under the smallest of grey rocks.

Wide eyes of humble underestimation.

You can find me engulfed in literature, introspective misunderstandings, with many o’ strawberry candies set aside for the warming of those cold cold lonely souls.

Often a sweep of smooth jazz will light my neurotic impulses.

You can find me up in that tall tree, because true is it that:

Inspiration is the key.

To misery does brilliance owe much ado.

To heart ache does misery owe much ado.

Is it the key to me, or the key to you?

Perhaps to inspiration we too, owe much ado.

the good die young.

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This is a video I made using a poem of mine called “only the good die young.” and also imagery filmed by me.

This video was edited and put together by me.

Images include: my dog, my clock, my coffee cup, my keys, etc.


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Cheese is yellow, and pears are green.

Life is dandy, and you’re a pansy.

Carry a box, find me a fox.

Lovely money, and funny tummy.

Bake it, Make it, Fake it.

Yum, Rum, Gum.

Room, Groom, Boom.